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5 Rocking Social Media Campaign Tips and Ideas for Winning Sales

Social media – what a drastic impact it has had on all our lives! It has changed the way we think, we decide, we communicate and we purchase.

Could you have imagined that an event which happened in your life five minutes ago could reach your relatives living overseas in a matter of seconds just by you sharing it on social media? Could you have thought that you would connect with an old schoolmate, years later, and keep track of the events happening in their lives as if you guys never went out of communication?

Similarly, businesses never imagined doing business without having a physical point of sale. But thanks to the internet, it is now possible to operate with a virtual presence only. Now, the internet is also what gave birth to social media. After entering the World Wide Web, social media soon became the main medium of communication between people. It has now become one of the main mediums of making purchases as well.

The growth in social media popularity has been phenomenal. In just one year, from 2015 to 2016, there was a growth of about 21 percent users of social media. More and more people today are relying on their social media networks to guide them regarding their purchase decisions. From daily use products such as shampoos and moisturizers to high-end products such as houses, social media is playing an important role in influencing the choices customers make.

More than 40 percent of Americans interact with companies through social media and prefer to do business with companies that have a strong social media presence. This is because customers love the convenience associated with interacting with a brand via social media as compared to a phone call or a visit. Therefore, how could you not take advantage of this medium by designing and executing a high performing social media campaign?


Some Interesting Statistics that Support your Decision to Create a Social Media Presence

social media campaign


social media statistics


social media growth

The above figure clearly shows the dominance of Facebook as the most used social media platform. So if you want to run successful social media campaigns, then it clearly makes sense to make Facebook an essential part of them.

And you won’t be alone in doing so. About 50 million businesses are present on Facebook with an active Facebook Business page. Not just that but, about 2 million businesses have made Facebook an important component of their social media campaign design.

As far as social media marketing is concerned, Twitter has some impressive stats associated with it too. With more than a 100,000 active advertisers, users of Twitter are greater fans of brands as compared to Facebook users; three times greater to be specific. It is quite common for Twitter users to explore about products and services on Twitter and also comment on and share their opinions about brands and their campaigns.

Instagram with its unique socializing features is another platform for you to look out for, as you collect social media campaign ideas for your business. With the highest rate of user engagement, almost 70 percent of Instagrammers are regular with their interaction with brands. Where each Facebook follower is worth about $55, an Instagrammer is worth about $65. Highly intrigued? Guess what? An Instagrammer has 2.5 times greater CTR in comparison to other social media platform users!

If this plethora of stats has invigorated your interest in social media campaigns, then it is time to talk about how your social media campaign should look like.


ideas that work


Social Media Campaign Ideas that Work

Did you ever stop to think why social media has become so popular? What makes social media so special? How about you answer a different question – as a Facebook or LinkedIn user or an Instagrammer, do you feel like you are a part of a group? If your answer is yes then you have the answer to the first two questions too! Social media makes people feel part of a community where they share similar characteristics with other users. Social media helps create a sense of belonging – a sense of being included, a sense of sharing; the emotions similar to getting a feeling of being ‘at home’ and being comfortable is what appeals to our cravings of wanting to socialize and staying connected with other humans and thereby makes social media so popular.

This is exactly the kind of emotion you want your social media campaign to generate – when your campaign makes your customers connect with other customers and when it gives customers a chance to become a part of a community – that’s when the magic of conversions happens.

Let’s say you are a sports gear manufacturer and you post a video advert on Facebook showcasing your shoes which are meant for cardio exercises. Someone watches it, likes it and shares it; two things can happen due to this. One, the user portrays themselves as a user of your brand or wanting to be one. Two, another user may like and comment on your post by saying ‘I’m a user too.’ This one comment can help the two people connect with each other and also find other users who share the same preferences. Now your social media ad made all this happen. Once you get people interested, you can show them how they can make the purchase and consume the product/services you put up for sale.


Influencers on social media


Successful Social Media Campaigns have Influencers


Another way you can create successful social media campaigns is by including social media influencers in your adverts. The all famous airline Emirates did an amazing job by making an advert with Jennifer Aniston. Not only does the presence of Jennifer Aniston get you excited and interested, they have been able to create a scene where you get to see the different features of an airline in a natural setting. The company does not say that their airline has XYZ features; instead, it shows these to you in such a subtle way that you learn about them, get awed and want to travel with this airline the next time you need to be airborne.

These people already have great influence over people; seeing them use your products/services is a sure shot way of winning new customers.


Successful Social Media Campaigns generate all Kinds of Emotions


As far as generation of emotions is concerned, the best social media campaigns have a sense of humor in them. They make people laugh and relate to the real life events they face every day. A fantasy may have worked in the past but showing real people use your product or service in real life situations is what really works on social media. Second in line is compassion. Ads that show inspirational content are found to be highly engaging on social media. They win likes and comments as well as a desire to consume the product or service being offered. In other words, a social media campaign that has an emotional appeal has the capability to go viral overnight. And what more can you want than be able to roll out a viral marketing campaign on social media?


Goal oriented


Successful Social Media Campaigns are Goal-Oriented


Whatever your content design is, before doing anything, you must think about your campaign goals. What is the purpose of your social media campaign; what do you hope to achieve from it. Do you:


  • Want customers to share their opinions about your brand?
  • Want customers to share their contact information so you can connect with them?
  • Want more visitors to your website?
  • Want to create brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty?
  • Want to hike up your sales?
  • Want to promote a limited time offer or introduce something new?


Whatever your goal is, your content needs to be guided by it.


Successful Social Media Campaigns Engage Users


People love to like, share and comment on social media so give them a reason to do so. You can include a contest or a quiz in your campaign to get people to respond. This way you can learn about the profiles of people who are interested and/or following your brand. You can offer prizes for users who answer questions, or those users who share your post, etc.

The idea is to get people engaged and then throw in an offer which they cannot refuse (e.g. a 50 percent discount to the person who interacts the most with you in a given period). By doing so, you can win conversions and improve your bottom line.



Successful Social Media Campaigns are Closely Monitored


You will fail miserably; regardless of how great your campaign is if you aren’t highly attentive and responsive on social media. When a customer interacts with you, they expect you to respond. If they post positive words about you, they expect you to appreciate them and if they post something negative, they expect you to show concern.

Furthermore, by monitoring responses, you can analyze the success of your campaign and make amends as and when required before any damage occurs to your brand image. Remember, you cannot improve what you do not measure. So measure the engagement and conversion rate of your social media campaigns so you can keep rolling out successful ones.

No doubt, successful social media campaigns share some common characteristics; but what you need to remember is that while following the basics, you must never lose sight of being unique and adding your own special touch to each social media campaign you run; that one unique factor is what will make you stand out, get noticed and bring in the money for your business!

Coming up with unique and innovative social media campaign ideas isn’t an easy task. With the amount of content being created and shared on social media, coming up with something innovative may seem daunting. For this purpose, it is advised that you hire a professional to design and execute social media campaigns and banner ads for your business. Professionals have the experience and the expertise to come up with radical ideas that can make your social media campaign stand out and bring in the desired results.

So what are you waiting for? The world of social media awaits your marketing efforts!

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