How To Improve Your Campaign by Advertising with GIF banners

As an advertiser, you want to remain updated with the latest marketing trends; you want to create an advertising campaign using marketing elements which are most favored by the audience.

Graphics Interchange Format, better known as GIFs, is a perfect mesh between image and video; they are the moving images that you see on the internet.

You have got to admit: GIFs are far more fun to view than static photos in PNG or JPEG format. This is the reason why they have become one of the fastest growing image types being used on the internet. GIFs have become one of the most favorite icons in internet culture; social media, in particular, is highly interested in using them.

Why are they gaining so much popularity? Well, GIFs help communicate what you cannot communicate with words or static images. They add life and emotion to the otherwise lifeless textual and imagery content – life and emotion, two characteristics which are synonymous with us humans. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are highly appealing to the internet audience.

It has been 30 years since GIFs entered the digital world and the year 2017 has been predicted to be the year when the usage of GIFs across the internet will peak. So it makes sense that you must update your digital advertising campaign and introduce GIF in your advertising campaign.

The idea of advertising GIF images to support your promotional message would bring in massive results for you, for a number of reasons:

  • They are Super Viral & Easy to Share: GIF images were widely used on Twitter in the year 2015. Twitter experienced sharing of more than 100 million GIF images in the year and the number continued to grow in the following years. This goes to show the viral ability of GIFs. And that’s just what you want for your advertising campaign – a high viral value so that your message reaches a wide audience.
  • They Are Highly Memorable: 80 percent of what the audience remembers when they come across internet content is through visual elements – textual content contributes only 20 percent in the message retention rate. GIFs are the perfect visual element to add to your advertising campaigns as they can do an effective job of ensuring that your audience remembers the advertisement message.
  • They Are Cost-Effective & Provide Good Value for Money: They are one of the most cost effective elements since they offer a higher attraction value as compared to images and are lesser costly to develop as compared to videos. Therefore, they are the perfect midway option for your advertising campaign.
  • They Are Time Saving: They are welcomed by the internet audience, especially mobile users because they are time-saving ads for two reasons: one they don’t take too long to load and second they don’t last longer than a few seconds.
  • They Repeat Automatically: The auto loop in the GIF can help reinforce your promotional message automatically. The auto loop also contributes to better understanding and retention of your message. 
  • They Help Build Your Brand: GIF images tell a short-story in an interesting way. You can use them to create and communicate a story about your brand, thereby strengthening your brand image, recall, and recognition.
  • They Are More Creative & Engaging: With so much internet content available to the audience, they have a good choice of what they want to view and what they don’t. Therefore, you have to be highly competitive and extremely novel with your advertising campaign. GIFs are highly engaging and contain high elements of creativity. They are one of the latest tools of communication on the internet and therefore, they increase the chances of your campaign being viewed. 

The challenge is to come up with an interesting GIF but once you do, the rest unfolds automatically, bringing in huge results for you.


What You Can Do With Advertising GIF

So you are getting convinced into going ahead with a campaign comprising of advertising GIF? Here are a few of the different ways you can use advertising GIF for:

  • Create Brand Personality with GIFs: Whether you want your brand to be viewed as funny, intellectual, endearing, daring or fun loving, there is a GIF to support whatever personality type you want to create. GIFs can help establish and communicate the personality of your brand so that it becomes associated with your brand name. The personality will be the starting point of your brand being able to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers.

gif banner

  • Display your Product/Service with GIFs: You can show your product from different sides for example, or give a preview of how the service you offer is executed with GIF advertising. You can rotate your product in the GIF, for example, show a T-Shirt from the front and back, or show a sample of the service, for example, a haircut or how food is prepared at your restaurant.

gif banners


  • Give out Use Directions with GIFs: You can show your audience how to use or install your product with GIFs. Let’s say you sell products that require assembling. You can give out quick assembling directions with the GIF.

gif ads

  • Show your Appreciation to your Customers: To engage the audience and show them that you are a brand which values their customers highly, you can start a thank you campaign and use GIFs in the advertisements.
  • Use GIFs to Explain the Context: Since GIFs can help tell a short story, you can use GIFs to explain the context and make your advertisement clearer and more relatable to the audience.
  • Make Boring Data Interesting: Even though presenting statistics is important in your promotional message, it can make the advert a bit boring – but not if you use GIFs. GIFs can animate your statistics and make them more engaging and interesting, so your audience will pay attention to them and take note of them.
  • Use GIFs to Create a Teaser: Nothing generates more interest than creating suspense. When you make the audience curious, is when you gain their attention the most. You can use GIFs to give a sneak peek of the product or service you are about to introduce or give a preview of an upcoming event, etc.
  • Use GIFs to Show Testimonials: You can advertise your customer’s responses in the shape of body gestures like a thumbs up, a wink or a clap. Compile these into a GIF and make the GIF a part of your advertising campaign. This way the audience will be able to see the responses of satisfied customers and be compelled to make a purchase from you. Customer response GIF will also contribute towards strengthening your brand image as well as create a sense of trust around your brand.
  • Use GIF to Show an Update: If you have just created a new version of your product, you can use a GIF image to show how your product has evolved and become better than the original by putting a quick comparison of the two designs in a GIF image. Rather than saying to your customers that you have made the product better, it is more effective to simply show them; showing makes a greater impact.

GIF Advertising is Welcomed on Social Media Platforms

Did you know that more than 20 million GIFs are shared on Tumblr every single day?

Due to its fun loving nature and the fact that it is an easy to share viral content, GIF advertising is highly welcomed on social media. The findings of a number of studies support the use of GIFs in advertising campaigns.

Reuters, for example, believe that by the year 2018, more than 80 percent of the traffic generated on the internet will be due to visual content.

Following the trend, Facebook has created a provision of including GIFs in advertising campaigns being created on this highly popular social media platform. When you select the video format while creating the campaign, you can upload GIF images as well.


According to Facebook, shorter videos are more favored for being viewed till the end and that is the major reason why GIFs offer a huge potential for getting a maximum number of conversions.

GIFs can bring in greater audience engagement, communicate the message effectively and thus compel your audience towards conversion.

Where to Get GIF Images From?

GIF images can be picked up from various internet sources. Giphy is one of the most popular sources of GIF images, with their huge database of images divided into different categories, including action GIFs, comic GIFs and emotions GIFs.

The Buffer Mood Board is another good source for finding GIFs for occasions. Their database includes GIF images for goodbyes, thank you, hellos, etc.

You can also get GIF images from Tumblr and Google Image search. Alternatively, you can use web based tools such as EZGIF and RecordIt for creating your very own GIF images.

Still Not Convinced?

Dell created an email GIF advertising campaign and saw amazing results. It was able to improve email opening rate by 6 percent, improve CTR by 42 percent, bring in a whopping 103 percent improvement in conversions, which resulted in an impressive 109 percent enhancement in revenues.

Netflix, on the other hand, has been extremely creative with the GIF image usage by advertising GIF images in an outdoor advertising campaign.

With such positive reviews, how could you not want to adopt GIF advertising this year? Make sure that you get your GIF marketing campaign designed and executed by a professional expert.

Hiring a professional GIF designer is the right move because you want to be smart about GIF advertising. You don’t want to put off your audience due to over or irrelevant usage. Remember, it’s not just about being cool or hip – you have to be cool and hip in the right way. 

So what are you waiting for?

Put your gear on and be ready to revolutionize your digital marketing campaign through GIF advertising!

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