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How to avoid annoying your audience with your banner campaign

How many times has a display ad annoyed you? Thinking about what you might answer, I’m almost afraid of asking you how many times did you have to close a video ad, or a pop-up ad?

In fact, you are aware that when you surf over to any website, the chances are good that you will encounter banners or display ads that ultimately turn you against the business advertising and their banner instead of clicking on it or paying attention to their message.

So let’s face it! Some ads are really, really annoying and some of them can even make you leave the website that displayed them and not return again. But why? What makes a banner ad annoying?

We all know how it’s like when a pop-up ad stands in your way when you want to access a website or watch a video or maybe it’s just that ugly looking ad that makes the entire site unappealing! There’s a special place in hell for those pop-up ads that seem impossible to close because the X is hard to find or they trick you into accidentally clicking them. 

Ads are getting more pervasive and more difficult to easily get past – said Tony Weisman, chief executive of the digital agency DigitasLBi North America.

And then there are the banner ads we don’t talk about. The ones that catch our attention, the ones we do actually look for because they remind us of an important website, product or service we’ve been researching – the ones we read, the ones we click on with curiosity and interest.

So what makes people like or hate a banner ad?

I’m gonna try to define the factors that lead to a banner ad being annoying: too much animation? Are the colors too strong? Or maybe the ad is just poorly designed and makes your experience surfing the web unpleasant.

I think the most annoying ads are those that show up right in your face, the ads that occupy almost half the site page and also the ads that you have to close to access the web page. Yeah! These ads are probably the most annoying. They are the ones that give display advertising a bad name.

Consequently, some businesses are moving away from this type of advertising.

What is the alternative?

The non-intrusive ads are the banners situated on the top, bottom or on the sides of the web page. They don’t forcefully interrupt the user’s intended path, don’t pop up in his face and they don’t take her or his time by forcing the user to watch or close them.

But even these ads can bother sometimes. Why? Maybe because they occupy too much of the web page and being too “in your face”. Some ads become annoying mainly because they don’t look very nice and some are simply ugly. Yep, that’s why your banner design should be done by a professional.

But what about the costs involved?

Annoying ads may bring some revenue to the advertisers but they also cost a lot of money. Why? It’s simple. Every time a user gets annoyed by an ad, he abandons the site leaving the publisher with less advertising revenue and this action can have a really negative effect in long-term. I could say that some annoying ads cost more than they can earn.


You can and should run banner ads campaigns. But make sure they are not intrusive, they don’t pop up in the user’s path, and they don’t force him to take unwanted actions. Most importantly, make sure they are visually pleasing and professional.

Do you think there are other important factors that make a banner ad have a negative impact? Tell us about it and we’ll research some solutions for you!