Winning Ideas for Your App Landing Page that Increase Installation Rates

Just like it is with other industries, the app industry is getting heavily crowded. There were more than 2 billion apps available with each of the two leading app stores, that is, Apple App Store and Google Play Store, as recorded in March 2017.

With options of multiple apps which can be installed in mobile phones against a requirement, how do you get smartphone users to select and install your app?

The answer may lie in an apt app landing page.

Landing pages for apps work like landing pages for products/services do; they do for apps what they do for products and services, that is, get visitors to convert and make a transaction.

Now the app landing page isn’t going to magically increase the number of your app installations – you need to put in a lot of thought and effort into getting an effective one designed.

This article will talk about the design elements that can come together to make a well balanced and well performing mobile app landing page.

The Marketability of Mobile Apps

If you knew that mobile phone users spend as much as 90 percent of their time using apps as compared to mobile web, then you’d definitely want to get one developed and marketed.

As a smartphone user, you would know that it is just easier and more convenient to use apps for activities such as using GPS while driving, online shopping and for visiting social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., rather than perform these activities or visit these platforms via mobile web.

Apps are opening up new avenues for businesses.

McDonald’s, for example, has launched its own app ‘McPlay’, as an extension to their all famous Happy Meal toys. By downloading the app children can play different learning games.

By scanning the Happy Meal toys, children can unlock different features like new game content and new challenges, which is an intelligent move because not only does it keep the game content fresh, but it encourages users to go out and buy more Happy Meals, which is what McDonald’s is ultimately aiming for.

Why Get a Mobile App Landing Page Designed

Even though users find it more convenient to use apps, thus presenting an opportunity for you, you must know that not only is it difficult to get a user to download your app, but you need to work hard at retaining users, because people tend to very quickly uninstall apps that they don’t find interesting. So you have to meet the dual challenges of getting mobile users to install your app and then keep using it.

A convincing mobile app landing page can help in getting users to install your app.

You can get an app landing page designed for getting people to download your app for the first time and if you feel that you are losing users, you can create an attractive offer around your app and also re-market it for reinstallation through an app landing page.

The app landing page basically works as a central headquarter; a main area on the internet where the information about your app, its usage and benefits is present. It helps create the identity of your app and its association with your company. The landing page is a perfect launching tool for the app since it effectively helps in introducing the app in the market and provides a simple way for potential customers to get access to the app right away.

Users who love your app can share the landing page on social media (only if you provide that option on your landing page of-course) and get more users for your app.

Mobile App Landing Page – The Winning Design Elements

After you’ve developed an app, you need to create an equally terrific marketing campaign to win customers for the app. Landing pages for apps are your arsenal for this purpose.

The careful designing of your app landing page is absolutely critical because it will help communicate the first preview of your app to the world; in other words, it is a make or break situation. The better presentation your app landing page will make, the greater the chances of success your app will have. It is an opportunity to make an impressive first impression and we all know that first impressions matter. Your landing page can help convince customers to install or not install the app.

So here are a few design elements that can be incorporated in landing pages for apps, to encourage visitors to download, install and use your app:

1. Link your Landing Page with your Offer

Smartphone users know that a click isn’t always the right click and that the fingers can sometimes click on the wrong place, thus opening up a wrong window or leading you to an irrelevant page. To make sure that when your customers land on your app page, they know they are at the right place, you can incorporate some elements which are similar in the promotional content as well as your app landing page.

For example, the heading on your app landing page can be the same as that of the display ad from where the user was directed. Or the landing page can clearly display your company’s logo.

The idea is to communicate to the user that they have reached the right landing page.

2. Give Users Something even before they install your App

 To encourage users into installing your app, you can give them an offer on your landing page which they find enticing. For example, you can offer free credits or some game play reward to users who download your app from the landing page through the CTA button.

This will help increase the conversion rate of your landing page.

3. Make it Interactive

The thing about smartphones is that everything is interactive. Smartphones are a lot of fun to use because they keep you interacting with them. They are highly responsive to your actions and commands. The landing page for your app should have the same characteristics: be fun and interactive.

So make sure you include animations and videos that keep the visitors engaged and encourage them to interact on the landing page and download your app.

4. Show them How it Works

A demo video is the most effective way to show visitors how your app works. You can place a short video on your landing page, allowing visitors to learn how the app can be used and what benefit they would get by installing your app.

A convincing video is a sure shot way of getting visitors to convert on your landing page and install your app.

5. Keep a Minimalistic Approach

Who wants to read lengthy content on a smartphone?

Instead, users love content which is self-explanatory; they love content which they can understand in one look. So make sure your landing page has straight-forward content which enables users to quickly understand what your app is all about. The more concisely and smartly you are able to explain, the better the chance your app has for getting installed.

You can make a smart design by using imaginative and attractive images, bulleted content and a bold headline.

This Mustang mobile app landing page is the perfect example of the minimalistic approach, enticing people to install the game.

6. Play with Colours

When you are designing your app landing page, you can play with different colors and see what looks good on the screen. The idea is to make the page look attractive on the whole and also make the important elements such as the CTA and the main message stand out.

Here are two examples of how white space can make the landing page elements pop out:




7. Emotional Content is a Winner

What makes human beings human? Their compassion, passion, feelings, and emotions.

So if you appeal to the most important sense humans have, you are guaranteed to be able to generate better results.

Landing pages for apps that have content which appeals to emotions are known to perform better.

This landing page for an insurance company, for example, stresses on how their app makes it easier to protect the things you love:


8. Show Them How Popular your App is

You can put a counter on your app landing page and keep showing new visitors the current number of users who are using your app.

The growing number of users can convince new visitors to try your app, further growing the user database and strengthening the image of your app. Another way of showing how successful and popular your app is with the users is to include short testimonials from your users. In a world full of a huge variety of apps, people are more likely to try out apps with positive reviews from users.


When you have just a little more than a minute to convince your visitors to download your app, you better make sure you bring your A game to the table. Your app needs to be presented in a highly creative and unique way, so users get hooked-on to the idea of downloading your app. If the tool promoting your app isn’t appealing, how will users be convinced that your app will be any good?

This is the reason why it is essential that you are absolutely careful with the creation of your mobile app landing page design.

By involving a professional designer and developer you increase the chances of success of your app landing page.

Professionals can help design multiple landing page options so you can test the different versions and see which one generates the greatest amounts of app installs for your app. Furthermore, if you see that your app users are declining, you can come up with a counter offer and get new landing pages for your app designed based on the offer.

So what are you waiting for? Let your app shine in the world of smartphones through the assistance of a fabulous mobile app landing page!

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