Coming Soon Landing Pages – Which Ones Made it to the Top 10 List?

By now you must have heard about landing pages and their contribution towards the growth of your bottom-line and market share. Landing pages do that by bringing in two things for your business: conversions and leads.

When you follow marketing strategies, it’s important to keep note of what’s the latest trend. As far as landing pages are concerned, a ‘coming soon landing page’ is the ‘fresh arrival’. To understand what a coming soon page is, think about it this way: it is to your business what a trailer is to a movie.

It is a phenomenon that has taken over the internet, with businesses struggling to create an appropriate amount of interest and suspense before introducing something to the market. The idea behind the strategy of launching coming soon landing pages is, to create a market for whatever offer that is being advertised, prior to its entry into the market.




Coming Soon Landing Pages – Exploring the Concept

Business people have split opinions about designing a coming soon landing page; to some, it seems like a common sense idea, whereas some businesses feel that it is a waste of time and it may be a better idea to directly design a landing page. Why do some businesses discourage the idea of a coming soon landing page? It is because of the one, major, inherent difference between the two – were a landing page’s main purpose is to generate conversions and win sales, the coming soon page only gets you leads, not conversions. But there is a counter-argument for that, which will be discussed later in the article.

There are other differences too, between landing pages and coming soon landing pages. Let’s talk about them.


  • Temporary VS Permanent

One obvious difference between the two is that where landing pages are more permanent in nature, coming soon pages are obviously temporary – they are useful till the product/service/event is launched and after that, they would need to be changed.


  • One Goal VS Multiple Goals

Remember the article mentioned about a counter-argument in favor of designing coming soon pages? Well, here it is. The thing is that a landing page needs to have one and only one aim, goal or purpose in order to be effective, which can be either to generate conversions or build up an email list for generating leads. However, a coming soon landing page can be used for multiple goals – the main one being able to generate leads. A coming soon page can be used:

  1. As a teaser for your offer,
  2. As a tool to gather emails,
  3. To showcase a unique feature of your offer,
  4. To test value factors associated with your offer,
  5. To direct visitors to the company’s main website, etc.


  • Restricted Target Audience VS Broad Target Audience

A landing page generally has only one target audience at a time whereas, with a coming soon page, you can target multiple groups of people. The landing page needs to target a restricted audience because they need to create a focused approach so they can generate conversions. However, since with a coming soon page you are not concerned with immediate conversions, you can target multiple groups of the audience; you can target potential customers, potential investors as well as potential business partners or vendors.


  • Static Main Message VS Changing Main Message

In order to be effective, a landing page would always deliver one main message which is designed to convince the audience to convert by pressing the CTA button. However, the main message of the coming soon will have to keep on changing, in order to show progress towards the actual launching. In order to keep the audience interested, the coming soon page needs to show updates. Therefore, at one point in time the main message of your coming soon page can be to showcase a certain feature of your offer and a couple of weeks later the main message can be to show how much time is left to the actual launching.


Why Your Business Could Benefit from a Coming Soon Landing Page

Getting a coming soon page designed is smart marketing – it helps you guarantee a certain amount of customers for the new product/service or offer when you finally launch it in the market. If not all people convert, it at-least helps gather up a larger audience to witness the launching as compared to if you didn’t have a coming soon page.

You know that the idea of creating hype around something new about to be launched in the market, the increased curiosity and the suspense is plainly a smart way to do business; and an effective coming soon page helps you in doing that. The suspense fuels demand the offer and therefore when you launch the offer, you already have customers lined up to make a purchase.


The Top 10 Coming Soon Landing Pages in 2017

It is always a good idea to benchmark – therefore, let us look at the top ten notable best coming soon landing page examples.


  • LEAP


The first in the top 10 best coming soon landing page examples is the classic coming soon page built by LEAP. As far as the updates are concerned, the page has a timer which can show the followers exactly when the site will be launched. It also provides a preview of the site as well as an option for followers to subscribe for notifications. It incorporates updates, helps get leads by making people provide their email address as well as showcases the features of the product.


  • Seed Prod – Not Dark Yet


This is another one amongst the best coming soon landing pages. It has a timer and an option for dropping email address but what’s enticing about this coming soon page is that it provides an incentive to subscribers by offering a free gift. It even makes it easy for people to share the coming soon page via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It helps potential customers get others onboard as well by allowing them to easily share the page.


  • Tapster


Tapster is a very chic, modern looking coming soon landing page, which makes it one of the best. It offers sweet deals as well such as a chance to win $100 worth VIP access! There is also an option of getting early access should you provide your email address. There is also a preview of the application which is about to be launched.


  • SVGator


The SVGator site is one of the most interesting amongst the top 10 best coming soon landing pages in 2017. It is highly detailed as far as the introduction to the product (which is the animator) is concerned. It clearly tells the audience the main features of the product, the benefits of using the product, shows a preview and also gives the audience a chance to get early access! It uses an animated template which makes navigating a whole lot of fun. The colors are attractive and the CTA is highly visible.


  • TeekTak


Apart from getting leads and making customers join a waiting list, the best features of this coming soon landing page are the demo video available on the site as well as a feedback form. Not only does this coming soon page give more details to the audience by giving them the option to view a demo video, but they have also created a mechanism to incorporate customer feedback into their service. The feedback received will enable TeekTak to tweak their service according to customers’ requirements! What a smart strategy!


  • Range – The Scheduling Software


A high-quality image which shows what the product’s philosophy is, the Range is another one of the best coming soon landing page examples because it creates an aura of exclusivity by stating that the product is in private beta and can be used only by getting an invitation. Why wouldn’t you want to get access to something exclusive as this?


  • ZOVA – Your way to a Fit You

coming soon landing page

With fitness being the common problem that it is, you may be wondering what is so special about Zova’s coming soon page that it is ranked as one of the best. The thing is that this page is extremely honest while addressing a problem which every second person is suffering from these days. It says that fitness cannot be achieved in 12 weeks as promised by some, nor it is easy to follow a schedule of exercise and diet restriction. It addresses all the common issues associated with fitness and then presents itself as a realistic solution. The honest story helps create an instant connection through making people relate to the story, thus convincing them to become a follower.


  • Hit the mark like GoBlog

coming soon landing page

When in doubt – go simple. When you don’t know what can make your own coming soon page rank amongst the best, choose simplicity because simplicity works. The GoBlog coming soon page is the perfect example of simplicity that works. It is very straightforward concerning what the page is about and how you can become a part of GoBlog when it gets launched.


  • Atominx – Giving an Alternative like a Pro

coming soon landing page

It can be really disappointing to find that your favorite website is down for updates – but not if you make a coming soon page like the one Atominx made! Not only does it have humor in it but it also provides the next best alternative – a chance to get updates about the business via Facebook and Twitter. Rather than disappointing the traffic, the coming soon page just redirects it so they get something out of their visit while also getting to learn that the site is being updated.


  • WorkWeek – Targeting at its best

coming soon landing page

Apart from the interesting and attractive designing, this is one of the best coming soon landing page examples which hits the mark with its targeting. It clearly states what kind of a customer will benefit from their product and what benefit the customer will get from using WorkWeek.

There are so many other examples of coming soon landing pages. The idea behind launching a coming soon page is to get the market warmed up about your offer. Even though there are a number of templates available, in order to make sure your own coming soon page makes an impression, it is of-course advised that you hire a professional to do the job.

So what are you waiting for? Get your customers geared up for your offer’s launch!

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