Show it Where it Matters – Increase Your Visibility on Facebook with Facebook Banner Ads

Did you know that on an average, about 1.18 Billion people use Facebook every single day; with each user spending about 40 minutes per day on Facebook at an average?

If the number doesn’t impress you, then how about the fact that the number of active Facebook users, as recorded in 2015, is more than the entire population of China!

Furthermore, it is not just about the numbers; the diversity in the user profiles is impressive too. The user profiles include people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds as well as, people from different ages. From students, CEOs, athletes, and celebrities to companies, brands and businesses, Facebook is being used by any and all who desire to showcase themselves and connect online.


So How Does Facebook Advertising Works And What Are The Reasons Behind These Statistics? Why Should You Be Compelled, As A Business, To Consider Advertising On Facebook Using Facebook Banner Ads?


Facebook continues to gain popularity as a paid advertising platform in the recent era. There are about 4 million active advertisers on Facebook, according to a safe estimate taken in September 2016. Between the years 2015 and 2016, the number of Facebook advertisers grew up to a massive 50 percent. This was because Facebook became one the top social media platforms that promised to deliver a fruitful return on investment to businesses that were using the platform for advertising.

According to a survey, Facebook and Pinterest received the highest grading in the United States, when it came to gauging the return on investment that various social media platforms generated yearly. The same study showed that Facebook was also the most effective social media platform in the U.S., for advertising, when compared to LinkedIn and Twitter.

Realizing the potential, Facebook is poising itself to be a stronger advertising platform. It is strengthening and promoting its advertising capabilities, enhancing its targeting strategies and is offering enticingly creative formats that appeal to the various users and demographics. What’s amazing about Facebook is that its user base seems to grow continuously, even though numerous competitors have entered the social media market.


Wondering What We Mean When We Say – Show It Where It Matters?


Typically, businesses choose one of the four advertising options when it comes to placing an advertisement on Facebook. The Facebook banner can be placed on the right hand-side of the Facebook Home Page, in the News-feed on Homepage, in the News-feed on mobile Homepage and on the connected social media accounts. Apart from this, the Facebook banner can also be designed as the cover page.


  • The Right Column Facebook Banner Ad


This kind of Facebook ad is one of the simplest kind of ad. However, since it can be displayed as a right column ad only, it does not come with mobile support. Being the simplest, it is also one of the cheapest choices for Facebook ads. The design basically involves a heading that is the title, a short description of your product/service or advertisement message, a picture of video link and a URL. Since there isn’t much to post in this type of advertisement, the title, short description and the visual associated with the ad have to be attractive enough to motivate customers to click.

Domains, events, and applications are most commonly advertised using the right column Facebook banner ad.


  • Page Link Post or News-feed Facebook Banner


This is one of the most common types of Facebook advertisements. These types of Facebook banner ads are used for advertising a business’s external website. The design usually involves a big image, which is optimized to capture the target market’s immediate attention. The image is accompanied with a description about the product/service or company and provides a link to the business’s website. The advertisement is also accompanied by the Like, Comment and Share buttons. Therefore, these kinds of Facebook banners seem to generate a higher response and can also allow your business to interact with your customers to get an increased response from them, to create a bond with them as well as answer their queries.


  • Carousel Ads


This type of Facebook advertisement format was introduced in mid 2014. Carousel ads are also known as multi-product ads. They get their name carousel because they mirror the movement of a carousel. This type of Facebook banner ad is ideal for businesses looking to promote multiple offerings. As a business, you can advertise up to five of your products and/or services. Each offering comes with its own image, text, title, and link.

The carousel ad is supported by both, desktop News-feed and mobile News-feed. It is a great option for businesses looking to promote more than one product through a single advertisement.


  • Dynamic Product Ads


This Facebook banner holds your company’s catalog. The catalog holds the entire description of your products/services (up to 40), and each product/service is accompanied by an ID. This ID is used by target customers to place an order. Some companies choose to display the availability of the item as well as its price in the ad. The catalog is an extremely dynamic feature of the advertisement and can contain glamorous images and detailed description of products/services attributes and features.


  • Page Likes and Post Engagement Ads


Just as the name suggests, ‘Page Likes’ Facebook banner ad encourages your customers to ‘Like’ your page and thereby, get regular notifications about your future activities on Facebook. You can even put an offer, like a lucky draw and give one of the customers, who have liked your page, something in return, like a free product. As a business, you get dual benefits from this type of advertisement. Firstly, your target customers are subscribed to your notifications. Secondly, when your customers like your page, the activity will be displayed to the friends of that customer and it would work like word of mouth advertising. The ad can contain images or a video, as you please.

‘Post engagement’ ads, help in encouraging your customers to engage with your advertisement through showing a reaction, by commenting, liking or sharing. This way you can create a ripple effect and reach even a wider audience with your message.


  • Facebook Cover Page Ads


The Facebook cover page banner ad is a great way to really get your message out there. The banner ad is displayed as a Facebook cover page and you can design it to be visually smart. It provides you with a great marketing space, however, according to Facebook rules; the ad can contain only 20 percent text and not more.


How to Ensure you Reap Maximum Results from your Facebook Banner Ads


On Facebook, you have no room to be boring. Catchy, engaging, interactive, animated – these are the kinds of adverts that will win your business on Facebook. So, how should your Facebook banner Ad design look like? Here are a few tips:


  • Visual Wins Business


Your Facebook banners need to have winning visuals. Regardless of what you are promoting, your banner needs to be visually appealing and attractive. The images should be of high quality; graphically an original copy and you must have the rights to use them. The best option for you is to have a professional company design your branded ads that are fresh, creative, and highly appealing visuals for your audience.

Using people who match your target customers as a visual element is a smart idea as it helps in gaining the attention of the customers simply because they would be able to relate to such visuals. If you are using typography, it is best to select bright colors that can help make your ad stand out. However, your selection of colors should not reduce the readability of the text. Generally, funny visuals or visuals displaying emotion are most liked by customers.


  • The Ad Copy


You may be able to lock your customers’ attention through the visual but your copy is what will hold their attention and motivate them to take action on the advert. Just follow the AIDA rule while creating the copy. Make sure that the headline captures the Attention, the description generates Interest among the audience, the advert creates a Desire and the call to action in your advert drives your customers to take Action on your advert. Just as with the design, it is best to have a professional devise an ad copy for you.


  • No Relevance = No Results


By putting up irrelevant content, you are not only driving the audience away, but you are wasting your own time and money as well. Make sure you take benefit of the Facebook’s wide user database by targeting customers for whom the ad is meant for. The more relevant your entire banner, the better the chances of receiving positive results.


  • An Exciting WIIFM


Ask yourself, what value proposition are you presenting to your customers because everyone operates on the idea of What’s in It for Me? What is unique about your offer? Why should your target audience click on your advertisement? Why should they Like or Comment on your post? Also, make sure that you put up a believable and actionable value proposition. Do not promise what you cannot deliver.


  • Visible Call to Action


Be very blunt with your call to action; don’t be subtle about it. A bold and clear call to action is just what your audience needs. It acts as a guide and as a salesperson, enticing your target customers to take an action on your advert and providing them with a clear direction too.


Get Started on your Own Facebook Banner Ads Campaign Today!


According to a study, out of 111,800 Facebook advertisements analyzed, paid post link ads, which contain a link with text and a preview of the business website, were the most popular among the different Facebook ad types. Next in line were photo ads and then video ads.

It’s time you stepped up to market your brand competitively on the most popular of the social media platform! Choose to hire a professional like, to design your Facebook banner ad campaign for you, because we would never compromise on your ad quality and make sure that your time and investment gets you the maximum leads!

So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to get social with your advertising!

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