How to Say and Save More With GIF Banners

It moves, it is livelier, and it conveys more than what a picture would; yet it costs much less than a video – what is it? If you guessed a GIF image then you guessed it absolutely right!

A Graphics Interchange Format image, better known as a GIF image, is a type of image which moves.

Remember when advertising was about incorporating images in adverts because advertisers realized that images have a greater appeal as well as retention ability? They realized that associating images with the offer is more effective as compared to relying on text alone. This led to the inclusion of engaging images in online display ads.

Pretty soon the technological advancements provided advertisers the option to include the videos in the display ads, making the ads more informative and comprehensive; but also more costly. Plus, there was the issue of struggling with high video completion rate, that is, the number of users who watch the advert video till the end.

And then there came a perfect middleman – something which had the ability to communicate more than what a static image would but be less costly and less time consuming as compared to the video – GIF.

GIF Banner – Revolutionizing the World of Digital Advertising

GIF images have taken over the digital world; they have become deeply embedded in the internet culture and have taken over the social media by storm. In the year 2017, GIF images tend to be the talk of town – they have become the latest trending item in digital marketing this year.

More than 70 percent of social media marketing is reliant on visual content; in-fact, Facebook reveals that posts with images are 2.3 times more likely to get shared as compared to posts without an image.

GIF is easily the eye candy of all visual content available on the internet. GIF images are easy to comprehend and absolutely fun to watch. They add that special touch to all marketing campaigns which helps in raising viewer engagement to new heights. It’s no surprise then, that GIPHY reports sharing of 1 million GIF images on a daily basis!

Let us now talk about the multifaceted benefits of using a GIF banner in your upcoming digital marketing campaign.

What Value Does a GIF Banner Have for your Marketing Campaign?

The greatest reason to use a GIF banner for your display ad campaign is that it is the trending item this year. There are so many reasons to convince you as to why you should use GIF format this year:

1. It has an Emotional Appeal:

Where images help put a picture to better explain words, a GIF image helps put emotions behind a picture. The best chance advertisers have to convince a human being to make a purchase is by appealing to their emotions. And bang! This is where a GIF banner is superior and can be expected to generate a much better CTR than a static display advert.

gif banners

It isn’t new information that people let their emotions take charge when it comes to making a purchase decision – many studies have confirmed this behavior.

People associate closely with ads that have an emotional appeal in them – they find such ads to be more relevant and realistic. Therefore, a smart marketer understands the importance of using emotional appeal in adverts to help persuade customers to convert.

If you are a smart marketer, you will definitely consider getting a GIF banner designed for your next campaign.

3. It is a Language Well Understood on the Internet

Regardless of whether you like it or not, you have to speak in the language most commonly used and understood by your audience (in this case, of course, there is no reason not to like the language). The GIF language has become the language of the millennial; it has become the language in which they communicate with each other, via text over mobiles as well as on the internet and the social media.

To make communication easier, Riffsy CEO David McIntosh has even come up with a GIF keyboard for mobile. This keyboard makes it highly convenient for users to text GIFs. In just one year, the CEO has reported a viewing of as many as 5 billion GIFs monthly!

If you want people to convert, speak to them in a language which is close to their hearts.

3. It Creates an Emphasis on the Message and your Offer

Stating an offer through a text definitely explains it and gives information regarding what it is about; however, by adding a GIF image in the banner; you can re-emphasize your message and make the banner more engaging and persuasive.

Let’s assume you are advertising a fabric softener with a new ingredient which is safe for use on babies clothes and makes fabric soft like a baby’s skin. Accompanying this message with a GIF image of a baby smiling while wrapped up in a blanket washed with your fabric softener will not just make the audience say “aww”, it will also make your advert more convincing and memorable.

4. It Simply Brings in Good Value for Money

The auto loop incorporated in a GIF banner design allows your audience to view the message twice or thrice without making it noticeable or boring. This helps in making the advert memorable; but more importantly, it effectively communicates a message just like a video does but at a lesser cost!

Since it also takes a lesser time to get it developed and also for the audience to watch a GIF image as compared to a video, it has greater view completion rates and therefore, creates better chances for conversions.

A GIF banner can give you better value for the money you spend on getting it designed and executed.

5. It is Multiple Format Friendly

Not only is a GIF banner design accepted across almost all websites on the internet and on social media platforms, the design is mobile friendly too.

Studies show that about 2 billion users will be involved in M-Commerce by the end of the year 2017.

According to a study reported by OuterBox, more than 60 percent of smartphone users used their phone to make a purchase in the first six months of 2017. And since mobile phone users are always looking for an engaging, comprehensive and convenient to view the advertisement, what can be better than creating a GIF banner advertisement?

So now that you understand how advantageous a GIF banner can be, let us talk a bit about its design.

Creating the Finest GIF Banner Design for your Digital Marketing Campaign

Putting in a GIF image on your banner won’t ring in conversions by itself. You need to be smart about your GIF banner design and take care of the important elements.

1. Use Relevant GIF Images

You must use relevant images. Putting in an irrelevant GIF image, regardless of how funny or engaging it is, just won’t cut it with the smart audience of today. If the GIF does not match with your message, it won’t create the impact you are looking for and your customer won’t get convinced to make a purchase or even view your ad properly or attentively.

gif ads

2. Use Good Quality GIF Images

Then, you must use good quality images. The animation might be relevant and fun, but if the images you use aren’t of a good quality, you will lose user engagement in a jiffy! Make sure that you use visible, clear and good quality images that the audience would like to view.

3. Steer Clear of Questionable GIF Images

Make sure you do not use any objectionable content. Steer clear of GIF images that have a copyright or those that the audience may find offensive. Your content should be user-friendly, pleasing and non-offensive.

4. Let GIFs Communicate Accurate Data

If you are using GIF images to communicate statistics, make sure you provide accurate information. Do not misstate facts or provide inaccurate data. That can be a huge turn-off for the audience and your brand could lose the audience’s trust.

5. Choose the Right Size of the GIF Banner

Choosing the right GIF banner size is a critical decision that you must take. It can affect the effectiveness of your ad and the entire campaign. For example, mobile users like ads that are completely displayed on the screen and there is no need to scroll. On the other hand, computer users don’t mind scrolling.

6. Take Care of the Basic Design Elements

Just like with a display ad banner, your GIF banner design should also be comprised of attractive contrasting colors and a clear and readable font size and professional style. The overall design should look appealing and the GIF animation is placed in a proper, viewable location on the banner.

7. Test Multiple GIF Banner Designs

Furthermore, just as it is with display ads, you must come up with a couple of options for your banner so you can test run them and see which one performs better as far as CTRs and conversions are concerned. Investing in ads that don’t work can be a drag on your advertising budget as well as your efforts.

8. Designing your GIF Banner

There are various tutorials available online, which you can view to learn how to design GIF banners for your ad campaign. You can use existing templates or online tools for creating your very own GIF banner design, and the internet certainly will entice you to design your own GIF banner.

However, since a proper GIF banner design is the key to ensuring the success of your digital advertising campaign, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional designer to design a highly engaging, impactful and creative GIF banner. Professional designers have the expertise, experience, and resources to come up with high performing GIF banners in quicker time and at a lesser cost.

Time to Get Your Own GIF Banner Designed

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – so how many words would a GIF banner be worth? Don’t keep guessing!

Get your own designed and find out for yourself!

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