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Instagram Marketing: Strategies for Growing Your Business

DID YOU KNOW that about 60 percent of adults using the internet have an Instagram account? For businesses, it translates to: if you advertise on Instagram, you will be able to reach 60 percent of the adult online population, worldwide!

If that isn’t a convincer for you to start making an Instagram marketing strategy, then what would be?

About 400 million users use Instagram actively; imagine if your ad reaches even to half of them? You improve your chances of conversions by a whole lot through Instagram marketing. If you still find yourself asking ‘why use Instagram for marketing’ then consider this: in 2016, about 50 percent of brands had an Instagram marketing strategy and in this year, the percentage is expected to reach 70 percent.

The reason why you should use Instagram for marketing is because all good brands are doing it and you shouldn’t stay behind or else you would miss out on a huge opportunity for connecting with your customers.

Now, Instagram marketing isn’t reserved for big names only; Instagram marketing for small businesses is highly recommended, especially B2C businesses.

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B2B businesses have started using Instagram too for marketing and advertising, by creating attractive and engaging pictures about their business. Regardless of whether you own a big business or a small, it is time to begin exploring this social media platform for marketing purposes.

Put your Instagram Marketing Strategy into Top Gear

The response rate or the CTR generated from Instagram is highly impressive; as many as 70 percent Instagrammers are known to click on an advert they view on Instagram.

This may be the reason why, in April 2017, a study noted about 1 million advertisers using the platform actively for marketing and advertising purposes.

Thanks to the advertising efforts made by businesses, half of Instagram users are following at-least one brand on Instagram.

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Instagram offers your business a great opportunity for engaging customers with your Instagram marketing strategy since this platform enjoys a higher user engagement rate as compared to Facebook and Twitter. But don’t think that on Instagram, all you need to do is incorporate engaging images and you will be good to go.

Your marketing strategy needs greater depth to be able to exploit all the opportunities the platform offers to marketers.

Instagram Marketing Strategy – What is your Marketing Objective?

As with any kind of strategy, advertising on Instagram also needs to begin with an objective(s) in mind. What do you hope will happen, if you advertise on Instagram? Do you want it to:

  • Increase your brand’s awareness?
  • Tell a story about your business’s philosophy and/or culture?
  • Portray you as an employer of choice and attract talent for you?
  • Share some exciting news about your business?
  • Popularize or introduce your products/services?
  • Win endorsements and customer following?
  • Improve your networking?

You need to have clear objectives so you can design your content accordingly. Having an objective in mind also allows you to analyze the results of your marketing campaign and decide whether it was successful in achieving the pre-set objectives or not.

Instagram Marketing Strategy – Killer Content

On Instagram, it may seem like it’s all about the beauty of images; it is, but it isn’t just that. The images need to come together in a way that they knit a story; around your brand, around the message you are trying to send across to your customers and around your marketing objectives. Depending upon the objectives you have set, your images need to communicate about your products/services, team, company culture, etc. Every campaign shall have a theme built around it, which will showcase your message and win approval from the audience.

It is apparent that images dominate the world of Instagram; however, you can include variety of content to support your advertising message and upload different types of content on Instagram.

Images dominate the world of Instagram, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying different things. You can experiment with boomerangs, multiposts, collages and videos.
Instagram posts can be used to promote a variety of content. Even though Instagram doesn’t allow links in post descriptions, there are workarounds that can help you guide your followers to buy products or read articles, directly from Instagram.

Simply make an account on Like2Buy (via Curalate) or a similar service and turn your Profile URL in a link that makes your Instagram posts clickable.

For example, if you want to promote an ebook through a post on Instagram, you can do the following:

  1. Embed PDF in a web page
  2. Post a visual on Instagram to promote the Ebook and
  3. Set the webpage URL as the destination URL for your ebook post in Like2Buy.

This is how you can guide your followers from Instagram to your online shop, your blog and other web pages.

But you must be careful while marketing with an Instagram video. It needs to be of a quality level which instagrammers are used to of viewing on Instagram. Anything less and your marketing campaign may suffer.

So be sure you are comfortable with its usage and are able to incorporate a high quality video into your marketing content.

Instagram is extremely popular for the range of filters it offers for you to use. You must not go overboard with their usage. As a business, it is advised that you select a few filters which you use repeatedly across your Instagram marketing campaigns.

Choosing and then sticking to only a few filters which are a best match with your business’s culture and brand image helps create consistency, recognition as well as it looks highly sophisticated and professional.

Instagram Marketing Strategy – Be Socially Active to Engage with the Audience

You need to create a community of followers on Instagram so they can support your marketing campaigns; additionally you have to become a member of the Instagram community yourself. You can do this by:

  • Creating an attractive bio with engaging words that reflect your brand’s philosophy and compels the audience to begin following you;
  • Managing the comments you receive on your posts, making comments on other’s posts and also by remaining responsive on Instagram by thanking your customers, etc.;
  • Following other accounts relevant to your business.
  • Sharing users’ content – with prior permission of-course.

Instagram Marketing Strategy – Making Use of Everything the Platform Offers

Instagram offers new updates and you need to keep track of them, understand them and incorporate them into your marketing strategy. For example, Instagram has introduced Instagram Stories and it’s a great way for marketers to tell a story about their brand on Instagram, with an aim to win website visitors and conversions. Since it is one of the latest additions, using Insta Stories automatically allows your content to be featured amongst the top news on Instagram.

By making use of latest additions, you can portray yourself as a vigilant business that remains updated with the latest in social media technology.

For example, if you use Instagram Live to stream the launching of a new product or service or a corporate event, you get to communicate with your followers in real time and make them a part of the event you are sharing live.

Instagram Marketing Strategy – Optimize your Content to Sharpen the Aim

You need to optimize your content so you can win a maximum number of CTAs and thereby conversions. Attractive images, visible CTA button, engaging content, compelling offers, contests, etc. are all methods for optimizing your Instagram marketing strategy.

Tips for Instagram Marketing

You would definitely want to get in on some Instagram marketing secrets to ensure your Instagram marketing is a hit. Here are some tips for Instagram marketing that might come in handy, as you sit down to design or get your campaign designed by a professional like

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  1. Use Hashtags: on Instagram, hashtags are one of the most essential items you need to incorporate, if you want your campaign to be a hit. Hashtags allow you to connect with the audience which isn’t yet a part of your fan group. It helps make you pop up when users send out a search query. Therefore, use popular and highly relevant hashtags in your marketing posts.
  2. Like and Comment: The more you socialize on Instagram, the greater your popularity grows. By doing so, you become a part of the Instagram community; you begin to share a common standing and a bond with your audience, which definitely helps in giving a healthy boost to your CTRs and conversions.
  3. Use Videos: Videos are a great way to story tell as well as showcase your products/services in detail. Videos help in showing how your products/services can be used; they provide room for showing-off your creativity and they can be highly engaging too.
  4. Schedule your Posts: Another important element in Instagram marketing is determining the best time to post. According to a study, the best time to post is Wednesdays, at about 5 PM. However, it isn’t always that easy to determine the exact time for posting but you can schedule your posting so you don’t end up in frenzy. You can use tools such as Later or Buffer to advance book your posts. A study noted that majority of the brands posted at-least about 1.5 times in a day. Remember that frequent posting allows greater engagement and provides greater visibility to your campaign.
  5. Give in order to Receive: By promoting others and re-posting their content (with prior permission of-course), you get to promote yourself and encourage others to support your marketing campaign by liking it, commenting on it and sharing it. Because when you show genuine interest in others, that’s when you engage them and make them feel appreciated and important, thereby winning their approval and support.
  6. Review and Monitor: By reviewing and monitoring your Instagram marketing strategy, you can get insight into real time data about the response your marketing campaign is receiving. By close monitoring, you can optimize your content in time so that you can gain maximum number of CTRs and conversions through your campaign.

Taking upon the responsibility of designing and executing a high powered marketing campaign on Instagram is a huge task.

It is advised that you engage professionals like Smartketer to design, develop and execute a high performing Instagram marketing strategy for your business; one which makes you stand out on social media and meets your business targets and objectives.

So what are you waiting for? The entire Instagram community awaits your promotional offers – why not give them something to talk about?

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