What’s Your Secret Source of Landing Page Design Inspiration?

So you are absolutely pumped up about getting your own landing page designed but are stumped as to what to get made?

Or maybe, you have just come up with the most wonderful offer for your customers and want just the right landing page to win a maximum number of conversions, but you seem to be having a writer’s block?

Sometimes, we may need a little help to get our creative juices pumping; we need to feel inspired. Coming up with a stunning landing page design isn’t always an easy task; so what you need is some good old landing page design inspiration. Now our minds and bodies work differently from each other and therefore, what inspires others may not inspire you; and vice versa.

This article will talk about the different ways which can help you find your landing page inspiration.

If you try one method and it fails, don’t get worried; just keep trying until you find something that works for you.

What may not work at one point in time, may work some other time.

So whenever you are in need of some wholesome inspiration, don’t keep trying the same thing over and over again.

Try to work with different methods, at different times, and see what feels right.



Why Finding Landing Page Design Inspiration is Important

It is important to find landing page design inspiration because mediocrity just won’t win you business; especially in this era of social media and digital technology. Landing page inspiration will help you come up with a winning landing page design; one that is successful at what it’s meant to do, and that is, win conversions.

Here is what landing page inspiration can push out of you:

  • It can create an intense sense and feelings of motivation inside of you, to come up great ideas for your landing page design. You just want to get up and do it, rather than spend the day thinking about it.
  • It can turn your thoughts into actions, that is, get you moving to take an action on the design you thought of for your landing page and make you execute your design ideas on the screen.
  • At a time when you feel lost and don’t know what to do about your landing page design, inspiration can help provide you the direction you need to take, to come up with a design that is a winner with your customers.
  • The thing about landing pages is that you need to come up with multiple designs around one offer, in order to be able to test which design works and which doesn’t. Furthermore, you need the steam to continue monitoring and tweaking the design, as time passes by, in order to adjust it to the changing customer tastes. If you are inspired, you will find the strength and patience to do so.

According to an article published by Harvard Business Review, people who are inspired feel more creative. Continued inspiration results in higher results and therefore, with your landing page design inspiration, you too will be able to come up with a greater number of better landing page designs. Of course, this means an increased growth in business for you ultimately.

Landing page inspiration can help you illustrate your business offer on the landing page in a way that entices your customers and makes them want to avail the offer – thus making them convert from being a mere visitor to a customer.

So now that you know why landing page design inspiration is important, it’s time to learn about a few methods which can help get you inspired.


Awesome Ideas for Finding your Landing Page Design Inspiration

When you think about finding sources of landing page inspiration, you immediately think about searching the internet for landing page designs that have proved to be successful or visiting web design galleries. The problem with that approach, however, is that the rest of the world is also doing that.

In order to come up with something different, you need to be different with your approach of finding landing page inspiration.

Here are some radically different sources of landing page design inspiration:

1. The Fashion Industry 


The fashion industry is one of those industries where you will be able to see some extremely radical, over the top designs, on the ramp. You normally see the clothes’ designs and wonder who would wear these in real life?

But this time, look at them with a different view. Look at the different cuts, designs, colors, and patterns and see what you can incorporate into the design of your landing page.

2. The Unique Architecture


When you are traveling to your favorite club or restaurant or the library, or just anywhere, look at all the wonderful buildings around you. Study their structure and ponder upon all that is beautiful about a building’s structure.

You never know your next landing page design inspiration may come from the local church which you passed by every day without giving it a second look!

3. The Captured Beauty

Look at the photography of the people; some magnificent clicks may be just what you need to get your creative juices pumping. Thanks to digital technology, you don’t need to put in much effort to view photography.

Looking forward to the road trip!!! Repost from @katetheo79

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Just log-in to Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr or even photography groups created on Facebook.

The images and filters used might just give you a great landing page design idea.

4. The Striking Nature

There isn’t anything more inspirational and pure than plain, simple, majestic nature. If you cannot afford to travel to exotic locations, just go out in your front yard or the nearby park, pull out a sheet and lie down.

Just watching the sky and the clouds travel to their destinations can be extremely calming and inspirational.

The clouds can even come together to form various shapes and designs which you can use for your next landing page.

5. The Moving Music

Music is an extremely powerful tool. You must have heard that music can bring people together; well it can bring people together and it can move mountains too – in your case mountains of creativity.

Music can help you feel good about yourself.

There are songs that have lyrics which can move you and pump you to feel inspired and exceptionally energetic, so you can get your design pad out and begin scribbling on it.

6. The Aromatic Food


Deliciously prepared and beautifully plated food can reinvigorate your senses and feed more than your hunger. It can feed your need for creativity, make you feel inspired.

The way that the colors of the appetizing ingredients come together to form a rich and savory dish can really put your creativity in top gear!

7. The Cinematic Experience

Movies, especially those based on real life or biographies, or those with a lesson in them, can make you feel highly inspired; they can make you want to take charge of your life and business, enabling you to come up with an out of the box design for your landing page.

Sometimes some characters can do the job of becoming a source of inspiration for you, so you can design the best landing page around your offer.

8. The Gaming Experience


As far as radical graphics are concerned, the gaming world is full of them.

Now you can play games with a new perspective; play the games with an objective of drawing inspiration from the different gaming graphics for your landing page design.

More Conventional Sources of Landing Page Design Inspiration

If none of the unconventional methods seem to be working or if you want to try out what others are trying, here are a few of the conventional landing page inspiration sources you can use:

  • Sit with people and talk about your offer. Have a chat with your friends, tell them about your offer and ask them what kind of landing page design elements would get them to convert. Get their feedback and mix the different ideas to come up with your own design for the landing page.
  • Step out into the fresh air in order to gain some perspective. The fresh oxygen can get your mind free from the pollution of previous events and anything else that may be disturbing you from thinking creatively about a design for your landing page.
  • Search for the best landing page designs around the web. Go through the design elements and pick out your favorite ones; ones that you can incorporate in your own landing page.
  • Visit online sources such as LandingFolio, Call to Idea, One Page Love, etc., to find landing page inspiration by browsing different landing page designs. These websites carry multiple designs to inspire you; they have options for browsing category, style and type wise, to make the search easier and more relevant for you.
  • You can use online landing page builders that provide different tools for incorporating various features and design elements to build a landing page.


Landing page design inspiration may come easier to you at times; it may be exceptionally harder other times. What you need to remember is that you must not give up. Keep trying because it will come to you, as long as you remember to always think positively.

Also, whatever your source of inspiration may be, it would be better to collaborate with a professional landing page designer to get your landing page design ideas executed in a professional manner, resulting in a flawlessly outgoing landing page which converts like magic.

So what are you waiting for? Open the doors of inspiration and creativity for yourself so you can be successful at designing the most effective landing page designs that win conversions!

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