The Challenges of an Ad Campaign in 2017

So we are in the second half of 2017 and the world of digital advertising has witnessed some significant new trends. Is your ad campaign up to the mark?

If it contains the elements discussed in this article then your ad campaign is a modern one; otherwise, you must consider adding these elements to your campaign and you will see a massive improvement in the effectiveness of it.

The fact that more than 70 percent of the people surveyed by Adobe believe that the way marketing and advertising have changed from the year 2015 is far greater than the change that may have taken place 50 years before that, should put things in a little perspective.

Challenges that your Digital Advertising Campaign would be Facing in 2017

Before we talk about a few elements that your ad campaign must have, let us look at the current challenges being faced by digital advertising; challenges that you must address if you want your marketing efforts to be successful.

1. Keeping up with the Rapid Changes

As discussed before, not only has the advertising arena changed a great deal over the last two years, these changes continue to happen at a rapid pace. Thus, as a responsible marketer, you have to find a way to keep yourself updated with the latest trends so you can incorporate them in the ad campaign.

If you want your ad to rank high on Google, for example, you must keep yourself knowledgeable about the updated Google algorithms. But keeping pace with the changing algorithms is a huge task by itself. Secondly, you must meet the standards. In the year 2016, Google stopped more than 1 billion ads which it felt were in violation of its advertising policies.

Customer preferences are the same. What is trending on the internet one day may become a turn off the next day and something else may begin to trend. You have to keep your ad campaign in sync with these rapid paced changes in order to succeed.

2. Avoiding Getting Blocked

If you can find a way to advertise on the internet, your customers can find a way to block your ads; and their desire to block your ads is quite strong. At the end of 2016, more than 600 million devices were using ad blockers. And you just can’t fight these blockers because people are known to exit from websites which require them to disable ad blockers.

In order to reach your audience with your ad campaign, you have to find a way to beat these ad blockers, for example, by giving the audience content that is more compelling than the desire viewers get to block it.

3. Staying Safe from Cybercrime

As you advance your advertising techniques, hackers are getting advanced too. And the worst part is that they design fake display ads in order to get people to click on them which then unleashes the virus.

What if a hacker uses your brand name to create a fake ad? Or what if a hacker is able to hack into your computer and steal your latest ad campaign ideas?

In the world of digital advertising, it has become highly important that you make arrangements for your safety.

4. Staying Abreast of the Latest Technology & Incorporating it in Advertising Campaigns

Heard of the smart watch? Do you understand 7D and 8D picture quality? Have you worked with virtual reality? How do you advertise, for example, on a smartwatch? Everyday technology comes up with something new and unique for the people, but are you being able to utilize these new channels and mediums in your ad campaigns?

You have to advertise where your audience is and so keeping abreast with the latest technology is a challenge you will face as you create your ads this year.

5. Offering Personalized Content on the Global Scale

People from all over the world are viewing your ads, but expecting your ads to appeal to them on a personal level. They expect you to talk to them as an individual, as a person with their own preferences.

So how do you do that? There are a lot of tools that can help you target your customers better with personalized content. For example, Facebook can create user profiles, which you can use to personalize your Facebook display ads.

These are some of the basic challenges you need to address as you design your advertising campaign in 2017.

Now, the focus of each digital ad campaign is to get customers, which is known as the concept of winning conversions in the advertising language.

According to Econsultancy, about 22 percent businesses were happy with the conversions being generated by their ad campaigns. In order to accelerate conversions, you have to give the audience what they want, when they want, where they want and all that in the most convenient way possible! In other words, the better the user experience you provide, the higher the conversions you will be able to win.

So what kind of an advertising campaign will win conversions in the year 2017? Let us find out.

1. Create Space for Mobile Advertising

Smartphones have had a huge impact on the design and execution of advertising campaigns. It has become a necessity for you to get display ads designed, which are mobile user-friendly.

It is estimated that more than 70 percent of digital spending will be allocated to mobile advertising. And with more than 80 percent internet users owning a smartphone, how can you not take advantage of M-Commerce?

While designing display ads for smartphones, you have to keep a few technical points under consideration. For example, the button size and position should be user-friendly so that mobile users do not find it difficult to click on your CTA button. The ad should not contain heavy elements which increase loading time otherwise you will lose your customers.

2. Create a Presence on Social Media

Your ad campaign must run on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn because that is where your audience is spending most of their internet time at. As far as B2B advertising is concerned, LinkedIn was the most relied upon social media platform for advertising, with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube following closely.

You must not underestimate the power of social media. Did you know that more than 90 percent of internet shoppers make shopping decisions based on social media influences? About one-third of the new generation, the millennials, say that they prefer communicating with businesses via social media.

With such amazing statistics on your side, you cannot ignore having a social media strategy in your advertising campaign.

3. Using Videos in Ad Campaigns

People love watching stuff on the internet – much more than they prefer reading stuff. Just on Facebook alone, more than 8 billion videos are watched on a daily basis. The number of video views on Snapchat surpasses this number, with more than 10 billion videos watched daily.

Did you know that companies are able to grow revenues 49 percent faster by using videos in their ad campaigns?

However, videos are costly to get developed and therefore, in order to get maximum value from them, you have to get them designed carefully so that they bring in the desired results.

4. Using GIF Images in Ads

A Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) image is a mesh between an image and a video – it is a moving image. This allows the GIF format to be less costly than a video, but more effective at communicating than an image. It is one of the hottest viewed content types across the internet. It is hip, it is fun and it is trending!

GIF images can help you make your advertising campaign modern, fun, engaging, comprehensive and closer to your audience’s heart. You can even present a service or product demo in your ad campaign through a GIF image.

5. Using Product Reviews by Social Media Influencers

Have you seen videos where some people try new products and then share their experience? These types of videos are quite common on YouTube these days. You can include these videos in your ad campaigns (the ones with a positive feedback of-course) to influence people to convert.

Because these are social media influencers using your product or service and then sharing their views, internet users trust them and are at ease while basing their purchase decisions on them.

It is a great way to connect with your audience because these aren’t made up adverts; they are the real deal and thus have a strong impact on the audience.

6. Having an Email Strategy in your Ad Campaign

The ad campaign you design should include an email dissemination strategy too – because email is a way to approach someone individually. It has a higher CTR, as much as 6 times higher CTR than a tweet.

Through your landing pages, you can get traffic to provide their email addresses or subscribe to your newsletters.

Once this part of your ad campaign works effectively, you are guaranteed a long term connection with your audience, as long as you keep coming up with effective offers and campaigns. And of course, you must be careful of not sending too many emails.

The secret to a successful ad campaign lies in its proper design and execution; which is why it is extremely important for you to get yours handled by a professional. Professionals keep track of what’s in and what’s out. They understand the technical requirements and relevant internet policies. They can come up with highly engaging and high performing display ads for your advertising campaigns; ones that bring in a high rate of conversions. Best of all, they can focus on optimizing your campaign so that it keeps performing effectively.

So make sure you understand the challenges your digital advertising campaigns face in the year 2017, so that you are well prepared for an advertising campaign that takes upon these challenges head on and beats them by a margin!

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